Vienna XVI Blend

Premium Coffee & Tea Brand

This is a 100% Arabica blend with a classic, delicate Viennese taste. The traditional Viennese roast bring out the flavours of the various origins which have been harmoniously combined, bringing strength and richness to the blend. Hand roasted in small lots, each batch is handled with the utmost care by our roastmaster, who signs every pack to personally guarantee its quality. Roast: medium dark Aroma: strong, rich Flavor: dark chocolate, hazelnut, floral


Dark Chocolate, Floral, Hazelnut (Medium to Dark roast)

Proudly presenting this 100% Arabica blend with a classic Viennese taste. It offers a perfect balance of coffees from four top quality regions, for a complex and delicate taste. Roasted in the traditional Viennese way, the flavours of these different origins have been harmoniously combined, giving the blend both a full body and creamy richness.

  • Roast level: 4 (Medium)
  • Flavor : Soft after taste, very chocolaty & sweet with a hint of honey
  • Aroma : Spicy & Floral
  • Intensity : 6
  • Acidity: 7
  • Sweetness : 8