Julius Meinl Flavored Tea Combo Pack | Imported Tea Bags | 9 Flavors |

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JULIUS MEINL  9 Flavored Tea Combo Pack with Free Julius Meinl Glass Tea Mug

Imported Tea Bags | 9 Flavors | 9 Packs, 25 Tea Bags each. 



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  • Assam India (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) – This high quality second flush black tea from the Assam region of Northern India is characterized by a fine malty taste as well as a red chestnut color.
  • Darjeeling Queen’s Blend (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) – Handpicked in the highlands of Darjeeling, Northern India, this unique black tea bursts with a fine floral aroma and a rich amber colour once infused.
  • Ceylon English Breakfast Blend (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) – This black tea from Julius Meinl is harvested with utmost care in Sri Lanka, is characterized by a delicate flavor with a vivid bronze color once infused. This aromatic tea is perfect for a refreshing cup of tea with or without milk.
  • China Green Pure (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) – Enabling the aroma to flourish, this Chinese green tea is harvested and prepared with utmost care. Once infused the tea entices the tastebuds with a fascinating shade of yellow.
  • Green Fresh Lemon Mint (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) – This Chinese green tea is harvested and prepared with utmost care. In this composition with fresh mint and the fruity scent of lemon the green tea yields a fresh and intensive aroma.
  • Peppermint (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) -This tea from selected mint leaves is very refreshing. Peppermint has a high content of essential oils that are known to positively influence our well-being.
  • Chamomile (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) – Composed of carefully selected chamomile blossoms, this herbal tea provides a mild aromatic taste whilst delivering a positive, soothing effect.
  • Asian Spirit Ginger Lemon (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) – An energizing herbal blend that combines the freshness of lemon, the warming power of ginger, and is completed by a sophisticated spicy note of black pepper.
  • Earl Grey Traditional Blend (1 Pack, 25 Tea Bags) – This remarkable blend is enriched with the fresh aroma of the Bergamot orange, providing an exceptionally zesty taste.


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